Industrial scale recipes, product shelf life, and demands from consumers for the reduction of carbohydrates can create major struggles for companies within the bakery industry. Our bakery systems are developed with these issues in mind, and to provide customers innovative solutions.
A major problem within bakery is shelf life, particularly with industrial scale recipes due to increased batch sizes requiring more time for chemical development to be complete.
FDL specialises in helping customers achieve final products that have longer shelf life through the development of hydration systems. Since starches in breads and cakes crystallise over time and cause products loose moisture,  FDL has developed improver systems (both emulsion and enzyme based) to keep crumb structure moist and reduce starch crystallisation. This not only increases shelf life, but gives customers a product with a softer crumb, prolonged freshness and improved mouthfeel.
With consumers being more and more health conscious and aware of what is going into their food, people are looking for products with reduced carbohydrates, particularly sugars and starches, and wish to include more natural seeds, fibres and fruits in their bakery products. At FDL we follow trends and seek solutions to use natural ingredients for healthier diet and alternative options for each of our customer’s needs, providing sugar alternatives, seed and grain mixes, and a full range of added benefit products.


If you’re struggling with bakery systems, or want to develop products with longer shelf life and better hydration systems, contact FDL today!