Bakery at FDL is a multidisciplinary function, which utilises FDL’s resources of bakers, food scientists, technologists, flavourist and marketeers, who share in an in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise within the bakery sector.

The cross disciplinary collaboration in the business means that FDL is well positioned to cater for all your bakery needs. Whether it be improvements to baking characteristics, extension of shelf-life, fortification with functional ingredients, provision of novel flavour combinations, obtaining the correct filling or topping requirements of seeded blends – FDL has the answer. 

Bakery Challenges & Solutions

Shelf-life is of paramount importance to food manufacturers, and FDL can help in extending shelf life of both sweet baked products and savoury baked goods.  Shelf-life extenders based on emulsifiers can be used to maintain crumb softness over time, by modifying the starch retrogradation properties or maintaining moisture distribution throughout the baking process, while clean label systems (which are enzyme-based) are also available. 

Functional solutions to baker’s various ingredient and processing problems can be overcome using FDL’s range of powder Functional Solution ingredient blends. These include, dough conditioners, hydrates and dough rheology tool kits; all targeted specifically by final application usage.  If no off-the-shelf solution is possible, FDL is keen to work with Companies to solve their ingredient and processing problems and thereby provide tailor-made ingredient solutions. Blends of these functional ingredients can be based on additives or more clean label, depending on the needs of the customer.


Nutrition – Fibre / Vitamins & Minerals
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Toasted or Flavoured Seeded Blends
Heat Stable Flavours
Bakery Sauces / Fillings
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Heat Stable Flavours & Toppings

Other aspects associated with the bakery industry are also served via FDL’s portfolio of products.  In particular, FDL has many years of experience in delivering tailor-made signature flavours and a whole range of fillings and sauces. With a large portfolio in the baking and associated industries, we offer everything from natural flavourings, sauces, fillings and compounds, flavours and technologies suitable for all bakery requirements. The wealth of experience in these areas is utilised to develop new and exciting flavour and texture combinations that can be applied via bakers to extend their offerings. We also offer finished goods such as crumbs, granolas, seed blends, high protein snacks and toppings and inclusions

The expansion of food specifically targeted at health and well being over recent years has not passed by the bakery industry. Food fortification blends suitable for the bakery industry is another area in which FDL are actively involved and have created a range of blends specifically targeted to deliver nutritional solutions are available, with options for blends that deliver high fibre, protein enrichment, low carbohydrates and vitamin enrichment all being under investigation, with tailor-made blends being a key area of FDL’s expertise.  With consumers becoming more health conscious and aware of what is going into their food, people are looking for products with reduced carbohydrates, particularly sugars and starches, and are looking to include more natural seeds, fibres and fruits in their bakery products. At FDL we follow trends and seek solutions to use natural ingredients for healthier diet and alternative options for each of our customer’s needs.

With the growth of popularity of low-GI diet FDL focuses on providing the customers with various spiced seed blends used as inclusions in a variety of bakery products. Their addition improves flavour as well as nutritional content of these foods. Seeds are considered superfoods and many are high on fibre, omega-3 and 6 fats, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals. Their addition to products also increases their visual appeal, which gives them a more premium feel.”