About Us

As leading experts in the food and beverage industry, FDL is a trusted supplier to some of the largest companies world wide.

From our chefs and baristas, to our food scientists and nutritionists, our team is passionate and committed to creating and manufacturing high-end, innovative Food & Beverage products.
Our knowledge gained from our long-established history in trading, enables us to offer ingredients and finished products which are competitively priced, of high quality and not only fit your own portfolio and demographic, but are also on trend and relevant to the market.

FDL’s research, development and applications experts embrace leading technology to ensure our customers are able to deliver award winning, innovative products to the marketplace.
By working closely with our customers throughout all stages of development – from concept, development, technical assistance, testing, scale up, to manufacturing and packaging – we can assist and support you every step of the way.


Sugar reduction is of growing importance to our confection customers and consumers and has become a large industry challenge. The removal of sugar impacts shelf life, mouthfeel, flavour and overall finished product and is proving a difficult challenge within the industry to overcome. FDL utilises years of experience and technical knowledge to develop such solutions, producing products that achieve the low sugar target but also taste and look great. We specialise in in-house flavour development, fillings and inclusions, texture creation, sensory experiences and premium indulgence.

FDL offer products that cater for all requirements including the need for natural ingredients, vegan, halal or kosher declarations, or dietary and allergen requirements such as gluten free, dairy free, low or no sugar.  FDL serve the confection industries with innovative ingredients and finished products such as: sauces, fillings, glazes, inclusions and toppings, flavours and lusters.


With consumers becoming increasingly aware of the role nutrition plays within a healthy lifestyle, sugar reduction in the beverage category continues to drive innovation and is the main factor driving the market as a whole. At FDL, we have developed a range of natural components that allow the partial replacement of sugar, enabling us to provide customers with nutritional blends that fit their consumers’ requirements.

From flavours, juice compounds & blends, functional, energy or vitamin blends, to coffee shop menu concepts – FDL create product concepts that enhance the consumer experience, deliver on taste, meet government legislation and demands, as well as meet market nutritional-health requirements and needs.

Every concept is created bespoke and tailored to each unique customer, taking into consideration their own unique SOP stipulation or LTO requirement. 
Our innovative flavour delivery systems, sauces, inclusions and toppings enable the expansion of menu offerings and footfall within the coffee, tea and food service sector. 


The FDL team of master-bakers, food scientists and technologists share an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the bakery sector. From free-from baked goods, heat stable flavours, fortification, shelf life concerns, aroma release systems or functional ingredients  – FDL has the solution for you.

With a large portfolio in the baking industries, we offer everything from natural flavourings, emulsifiers & stabiliser blends, sauces, fillings and compounds, flavours and technologies suitable for all bakery requirements. We also offer finished goods such as crumbs, granolas, seed blends, high protein snacks and toppings and inclusions…

We continuously research and test new ingredients to optimise baking performance, enhance production, profitability and the overall customer experience. Our powder blends are easy to use and are offer extended shelf life and mould-free products. From bespoke baking powders designed to give the right lift at the right time, to cake mixes and concentrated cake blends – its all in the science. FDL also formulate bread improvers to maximise performance, production and shelf life extension through the use of enzyme softeners, which deliver two days extra shelf life with a moist mouth feel! Contact us today for more information!


With over 50 years of experience in the dairy sector, FDL has been supplying and supporting the dairy industry with ingredients for use within ice cream, yogurt and various chilled desserts. Our ability to create custom, bespoke products, tailored to individual customer needs means that FDL have solutions for all types of dairy applications.

Taking into account client requirements such as fruit identity, viscosity, freeze/thaw stability and flavour delivery we offer a wide variety of products with a variety of packaging options from aseptic bulk tanks to form filled pouches. We have options to suit all processes from in-line to batch manufacturing.

FDL work closely with some of Britain’s biggest and well-known dairy, yogurt and ice cream manufacturers, providing them with new trending concepts and trending innovations, enabling our customers to offer market-leading products. FDL offer an extensive range of unique off-the-shelf products such as fruit preparations and compotes, sauces, ripples syrups, toppings and flavour enhancements.