Consistency, increased shelf life, softness, crumb size, clean label, crystallisation, well-being, flavour profiles and so on…

 -  Such are the pains of the life of a baker!


Thankfully we have several Master bakers working under our name who are at hand to offer their experience, knowledge and assistance. We have worked with and solved several issues for some well-known household names within the bakery industry and have built a name for ourselves for being experts in this field.


With a long established history in trading seeds pulses and grains, we are well positioned to offer ingredients and inclusions at great prices, delivered fast to your door.


Mixes, blends, ready to pour or simply just an ingredient -  we can offer you something for every stage of your product manufacture including new product development and concept work.

To see what off the shelf products and ingredients we offer, please click the links below. Alternatively, get in touch with us in order to discuss how we can help you design your own signature product…



Bakery Enhancements
We offer a full range of Pastry Fillings, Toppings, emulsifiers and pastes suitable for many Bakery and Confectionery applications.  All orders ...
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Chocolate for ambient, Chilled & Frozen Desserts FDL  produce a wide range of Chocolate products for many types of applications including Ice ...
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Emulsifiers, Stabilisers & Hydrates
FreshTek is our range of cost effective bakery ingredient blends that improve product characteristics and ensure consistent quality of various bakery ...
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Fillings  & Toppings
We offer a full range of Pastry Fillings & Toppings for Bakery and Confectionery and Dairy applications.  All orders can be customized to ...
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Patisserie Perfection Pastes
A range of Continental Style flavour pastes, as used by Bakers, Patissiers, Confectioners and Chefs. This range of products is easy to pour or ...
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FDL is a leading global supplier of specialist ingredients to the Food, Beverage, Fragrance and Chemical industries.



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