Material Science

Formally known as the FDL Specialities Division. 

Using our extensive experience in the Castor Oil business for over 40 years, Fuerst Day Lawson has built up a strong position as a leading supplier of the major castor derivatives, Hydrogenated Castor Oil (HCO), 12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid (12-HSA) and Molybdenum (MOS2).


Via our Indian office, we are entirely focused on the whole supply chain from castor seed to final product. We have daily contact with the market which allows us to track the price and give accurate and considered advice to our customers which enables them to make their critical buying decisions.  The derivitive products are delivered in bag sizes of 25kg, 500kg and 1,000kg either by direct shipment from origin, or via our multiple storage locations.


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Bio & Material Science

Offering sustainable solutions to the chemical industry, Castor oil and its derivatives provide a green starting material for many everyday chemicals ...
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Mineral Science

The element Molybdenum forms the core of FDL's Mineral Science Technology.   Used extensively in lubricants the planar, graphene like structure ...
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Rheology Control

FDL's range of Castor oil derivative technologies are used to give lubricants their tailored flow properties.  Sold to world class companies in the ...
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FDL is a leading global supplier of specialist ingredients to the Food, Beverage, Fragrance and Chemical industries.



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