We offer a wide range of products for use in the manufacture and presentation of all Desserts. The range comprises Sauces, Syrups for Marbling and Topping, flaked Chocolate for inclusion or decoration and a new range of Flavoured Stracciatella; all made from the finest ingredients. All these are in addition to our standard range of topping syrups.


The Marsilana Range

A mid-price range of Fruited and non-Fruited inclusions. 

Marsiliana combines the flavour and taste of our ‘Aroma Allettante’ pastes with the ‘full fruitiness’ of our ‘IC Specialities’. The result - a highly characteristic, full bodied, ‘full-of-Natural content’ product which imparts all of the taste and style of a luxurious Italian style dessert at a price level which will appeal to all Ice Cream manufacturers.


The  Marbellissimo Range

Adding to our Italian Style range of products comes this highly versatile variegato / marbling sauce. The range is based upon our successful American style ribbon syrups but with some subtle blending changes, to give an authentic Italian variegato style which will complement any Ice Cream.

For use in large scale pro-duction facilities, the ‘Marbellissimo’ can be fed into the Ice Cream in the standard way using either a Fruit Feeder or ripple pump. For the small scale manufacturer it is possible to add the ‘Marbellissimo’ by hand to the batch freezer just prior to freezing, and mix for only a few seconds before removing the Ice Cream. Or alternatively you can add the ‘Marbellissimo’ as the Ice Cream is being dispensed into the Napoli tray. Just give it a quick swirl by hand to create a great looking and great tasting dessert!



Most manufacturers produce one variety of Stracciatella. We produce 4 varieties. Stracciatella comes in solid form but its characteristic low melting point means it can easily be re-melted for application, either in Chocolate melters or Microwave Ovens. Once melted, it can be poured into Ice Cream or Sorbet just before freezing which produces ‘shards’ of Stracciatella creating both an appealing look to the product and adding extra taste sensations to the Ice Cream or Sorbet. Available in: Plain, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange, Coolmint favours.


Sciroppo Succulento

An Italian inspired range of luxury topping syrups. The Sciroppo Succulento range of fruited and non-fruited topping syrups are manufactured from high quality ingredients and will only serve to improve the looks and taste of your Ice Cream.



These Italian style syrups are used for creating Sundaes, Knickerbocker Glories or for any Ice Cream dessert.Available in several Fruit varieties (which contain over a third real fruit!) and non-Fruit varieties. Packed into handy ‘squeeze’ style bottles with attractive labelling and re-sealable caps, these syrups are great for display at your ‘point of sale’.

In addition, this versatile range of Topping Syrups can also be used as an accompaniment with Meringue desserts, Waffles, Pancakes and Cheesecakes to name but a few.


San Francisco Sundae Sauces

We have taken the amertican saying of ‘bigger is better’  literally and produced a range of American inspired luxury Ice Cream topping sauces which are rich in flavour and content, with the fruit varieties containing over 50% real fruit!

These topping sauces are not only used to accompany Ice Cream but can also complement other dessert dishes such as Cheesecake, Yoghurt and Frozen Yoghurt, Waffles, Meringue desserts and many others. These rich tasting sauces are pleasing both to the eye and the palate


The American Style ‘Ribbonette’ range

Providing a classic alternative to ordinary Ripple Syrups…

Used as ‘marbling’ or ‘variegating’ syrups, they allow the manufacturer to incorporate swirls of high quality syrup into the Ice Cream.

Containing real fruit pieces and high quality ingredients, they will turn your Ice Cream into more than just another Ice Cream. Suitable for use with most traditional fruit feeders and ripple pumps but can also be added to the mix by hand just before freezing. This range is multi-functional and can be used in many other desserts such as Cheesecake, Milk dishes or Custard.


Lenados Topping Syrups

Favoured by many retailers and mobilers throughout the United Kingdom, the Lenados range of Topping Syrups have recently undergone a make-over. Packaged in either 6kg Bottles or 12 x 625g ‘squeeze’ bottles.


Striping Syrups

Our Striping Syrups or ‘Swirl Syrups’ as we like to call them are specifically manufactured for the optimum results on soft-serve Ice Cream. Suitable for use with most soft-serve machines they offer great taste with bright appealing colours. Available in 7 flavours - These Swirl Syrups will enhance your Ice Cream and keep your customers coming back for more!



Please also see the below link for information on our fillings and topping range -  the perfect finish to any dish!

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