Fuerst Day Lawson supplies a wide range of Bakery Seeds, Dried Fruits and Pulses, including Custom Mixes and Blends, to the Baking, Health Food, Dried Packing and Canning Industries.


Our ingredients are used in the in-store bakeries of virtually every major UK supermarket. For many clients we produce specialist blends, mixed and then packed to their specific requirements.


Adding Value - Taking Control

FDL is one of the very few companies able to provide a complete sourcing and processing service. More than 60% of the Seeds and Pulses we supply pass through our British Retail Consortium ‘higher level’ accredited processing plant in Walden, UK, undergoing a range of processes including blending, cleaning, toasting and kibbling. Our own screening, X-ray and colour sorting facilities has enabled us to dramatically reduce product contamination; improving our clients’ quality performance.


FDL source and supply the following seeds and pulses in various forms:


  • Barley Flakes - Toasted
  • Pearl Barley Flakes - Mini
  • Pearled Barley Flakes
  • Buckwheat Kernels &  Grits
  • Bulgar Wheat
  • Caraway Seed
  • Hemp-Shelled
  • Linseed - Brown & Golden
  • Organic Hulled Millet
  • Millet - Hulled
  • Oat Flakes - Jumbo
  • Oatflake 022 (small)
  • Oats Pinhead
  • Organic Brown & Golden Linseed
  • Pine Kernels - Medium
  • Pine Kernels - Toasted
  • Poppy Seed - UK
  • Organic Poppyseed
  • Polenta
  • Pumpkin Kernels Grown W/O Shell & A Grade
  • Pumpkinseed Kernels Grade A & Grade AA
  • Organic Green Pumpkin Kernels - GWS
  • Rye
  • Rye - Fine Kibbled & Flakes
  • Soya Beans
  • Soya Beans - Toasted Kibbled, Coarse Kibbled Untoasted
  • Organic Soya Beans Flaked & Kibbled
  • Organic Natural & Hulled Sesame Seed
  • Sesame Seed - Hulled Guatemalan, Indian, Mexican, Nicaraguan, Venezuelan & Light Toasted
  • Sesame Seed Natural - Paraguay
  • Organic Sunflower Seed Kernel
  • Sunflower Chips
  • Sunflower Kernels Bakery
  • Sunflower Kernels Confectionery
  • Tapioca Pearls
  • Wheat - Coarse Kibbled
  • Wheatflakes - Toasted & Malted
  • Hulled Quinoa