At FDL, we offer a wide assortment of nutritional food and beverage products, allowing us to work with customers within the Sports, Nutrition and Health and Wellness industries, providing products for the health-conscious consumer. Our ingredients, mixes and blends of granolas, seeds, proteins and vitamins are uniquely created and packed for each of our customers.

Nutritional Research

With consumers taking a much greater interest in nutrition and diet, there is an increased demand for food and beverages that are made from natural ingredients or are free from allergens, artificial colours, flavours or other ingredients. FDL can provide customers with the resources and nutritional components that appeal to consumers seeking products that have recognisable ingredients, contain low or no added sugar, reduced calories, fat and sodium. We combine our extensive market insight and focus on four key pillars to define a nutrition and wellness landscape to meet the demand of market drivers; being better for you, good for you, tailored to you with functional and fortified properties.

We use the science of nutrition to develop and improve products beyond just taste, so they are better, more wholesome and nourishing. This research allows FDL to provide the best taste and nutritional solutions while using real food and natural processes to do so. Our continued investment in understanding the changing landscape of health and nutrition enables us to better serve customers stay ahead of trends driven by nutritional demands and changing global and economic dynamics.

FDL bring together the best minds in the industry, creating unique concepts, carry out pioneering research in areas such as sensory science, nutrition, flavour creation and fortification, all of which allows us to serve the market with high-quality food and beverages suitable for all diet and fitness conscious consumers… 

Nutritional Blends

FDL develops a multitude of blends which provide our customers with solutions for vitamin or chemical deficiencies such as vitamin C or Iron, along with other nutritional solutions. We work with customers through every stage of product manufacturing, including new product development and concept work, enabling us to be one of the very few companies who are able to provide a complete sourcing, manufacturing and processing service.

FDL’s state of the art pre-mix and powder blending facilities located in the UK, India and U.S.A are suitable for both large and small batch requirements for food and drink manufacturing. We offer a complete range of blending production functions, from 1000 litre mix for packaging trials, to full-scale production quantities.

With our blending and handling partners in the Netherlands, we are committed to delivering on-time, high quality and consistent products to all of our customers. In addition, we help develop brand-new performance-driven products that are tailored to each geographical market’s specific nutritional needs.