Taste is a powerful and complex thing. Taste is a product of more than just buds on your tongue. It’s a combination of aroma, visual, sound, nostalgia and the immersive dining experience. The crunch sound as you bite into a biscuit. The expected aroma from a cup of freshly ground coffee. The heat and warmth on the mouth and lips as you devour a curry. Taste is so much more than what you first perceive.

Additionally, how a person tastes a product is influenced by a number of factors such as genes, environment, experience, age and perception.  At FDL we combine experience and science but also take into account global influences and trends, and translate that into a product that meets both the customers expectations and requirements, as well as meeting the market and consumer demand. 


FDL’s highly skilled team of technologists are experts in the field of bespoke flavours. We develop flavours based on the geographical market, creating new flavours that meet market requirements, demand and aspirations worldwide. All our flavour profiles are tailored to the markets we serve, developed in the UK, USA and India and supplied globally. This allows us to create unique flavour profiles tailored to the ever changing and evolving global markets.

FDL develop signature flavours for all applications. From straight flavours to finished products, we create and manufacture for all food and beverage needs. Our state of the art UK, USA & India flavour manufacturing sites take into account the different delivery systems and carriers available, creating unique and delicious, easy-to-use flavour applications. By working with FDL and developing a bespoke or signature flavour, customers can differentiate themselves within the market place and provide consumers with added value products with a unique identity and sense of authenticity to the sensory experience.

At FDL, we manufacture a multitude of flavours including natural flavours, extracts and botanicals. From Natural to From the Natural Fruit (FTNF), Natural Identical to Artificial – our flavours allow for flexibility throughout all sectors of the industry. We are also proud to be one of the very few Vanilla extraction manufacturers based in the UK and with our strong trading background we are able to offer a variety of extracts, ranging from a variety of origins such as Uganda, Madagascar, India, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Mexico to various strengths.  FDL are a growing player in the flavour industry and offer deliveries sizes as small as 1KG with delivery lead times as short as 2 weeks! So get in touch with FDL today to see how we can assist you with your flavour needs…

Understanding Taste 

At FDL, we believe that comprehending how we experience taste is fundamental to unlocking how consumers evaluate and make food choices, going to great lengths to understand the core foundation from which consumers’ taste experiences are formed. Because of this, we are experts in understanding how taste is created from a culinary perspective, continuously searching the world for the newest and most innovative dishes and flavours for the ever-changing consumer demand. We have sites around the world who collectively research their local regions and market for trending flavours and relate that to our global sensory panel. By operating within a global network we have access to current trending data which is utilised to design innovative products suitable for each and every global market.

With our global sensory scientific knowledge, we are able to bring new platforms to life, helping our customers translate these techniques and methods to create authentic and delicious taste experiences. Through globalisation, world travel and a change to multi-cultural households, consumers are open to new experiences and are looking for great-tasting products that are created with new, authentic and wholesome ingredients.

FDL analyses cultural upbringing, life stage and purchase behaviours in order to deliver on the key areas of the taste experience that resonate most with consumers. We then apply our food technology know-how, advanced culinary knowledge, applications expertise and market insights to help our customers create food and beverage products that consumers enjoy and remeber.