FDL’s Commitment Towards The Modern Slavery Act​

At Fuerst Day Lawson we are aware of our obligations under the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (The Act), and take the following actions to comply with the requirements of the Act:

Our Policy

  • FDL have zero tolerance to the use of Child labour.
  • FDL pay a fair wage to all employees and conform to the national wage legislation in the countries in which it operates.
  • FDL does not require deposits, hold passports or similar documents or otherwise restrict the lawful free movement of its staff, whether permanent or temporary employees.

Due Dilligence

  • FDL does not trade or do business with any company who do not have similar attitudes to ethical management.
  • When using temporary employees in our UK sites, these are sourced only from recruitment agencies who hold current certification under the Gangmasters Licensing Act 2014 and will encourage suppliers to follow similar practice.
  • Where temporary staff are employed in FDL non-European sites, recruitment conforms to local employment legislation.

Effective Actions

  • FDL is a member of SEDEX and encourages suppliers to be similarly registered.
  • FDL include ethical considerations both in self-assessment questionnaires used at the start of trading and every three years thereafter and in physical site audits undertaken by our staff or nominated agents.
  • FDL have an ethical management system identifying all aspects of fair employment including zero tolerance to discrimination in any form (such as on grounds of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation)


All staff receive training commensurate with their role within the company. All training is documented.