With innovation at the heart of our business, we help our customers bring new and innovative concepts to the market. Our extensive range of ingredients enables us to cater to the beverage manufacturing and retail industries, and provide finished beverage solutions to the FMCG food services

FDL has a beverage solution for everyone.

With consumers becoming increasingly aware of the role nutrition plays within a healthy lifestyle, and government legislation continually changing, FDL have the capabilities and knowledge to tackle all challenges within the industry and are currently actively helping our customers to achieve the government imposed sugar reduction targets. The FDL technologists and flavour specialists have a large portfolio of sugar reduction tools which enable the re-balancing of sweetness and mouthfeel with no compromise on taste. 

Contact us to find out how FDL can help you reformulate your current beverage products in order to meet the current demand for low sugar!


Products in our Beverage portfolio include: