Offering a wide range of bespoke sauces and syrups, suitable for beverage or food applications. Each bespoke development is tailored to our customers’ needs and requirements with each application in mind; including, desired sweetness and flavour profiles, fruit ID, price point engineering, SOP’s, provenance declaration, to viscosity and mouthfeel. We are well positioned to service everyone from restaurant chefs, dessert manufacturers, ice cream stands, to coffee houses. Covering both cold and hot beverages, sweet and savoury bakery products, as well as for dairy and confection applications. We develop and manufacture sauces and syrups at our UK, & USA facilities enabling us to service our global accounts with agility and speed. Also offering own brand packaging services, this bespoke labelling enables our customers to build upon their brand identity creating strong own branded finished products which are recognisable behind the counter and distinguishable within the market. Products in our portfolio include: Get in contact today to see how FDL can serve you!