FDL offer a wide range of bespoke toppings and inclusions suitable for any application from beverages and desserts through to dairy, confectionery and baked goods. We develop and manufacture in-house a vast range of toppings and inclusions ranging from batters and doughs, baked crumbs to shimmered sugar blends. These can also be tailored and consolidated to fit our customer specific SOP’s and are available in a range of packaging sizes and formats. With NPD at the core of our business we tailor our toppings and inclusions to suit all applications taking into consideration hydrophobic and hydrophilic challenges by means of fat coatings or the use of carefully chosen ingredients.

Our toppings and inclusions not only add texture and visual appeal to application but also add flavour and mouthfeel, adding further depth to the consumer experience.

Our product technologists work closely with our in-house flavourists to create unique and powerful flavour profiles giving customer products a competitive edge and signature flavour that is recognisable and unique. At FDL we understand the different functions that may be required and look to apply our knowledge and support throughout the entire development process.  


Products in our portfolio include: