Couvertures & Compounds

FDL  manufacture a wide range of chocolate products enabling us to offer our customers a range of products, ideal for many applications including ice Cream, bakery and confectionery. 

Our products can be tailored to suit our customers’ unique manufacturing processes, from freeze stable, low – high melting points, plain to flavoured, fast-set, high-shine or matt, to high cocoa bean and butter content couvertures ideal for tempering and enrobing.
FDL has a compound or couverture suitable for any given application.

Products in this range include:

  • Low temperature Chocolate flavour coatings
  • Chocolate Couvertures
  • Milk Chocolates
  • Carob Coatings 
  • A unique range of Chocolate ‘Supercomps’
  • High Caffeine coffee coatings

All products are fully refined and conched to give a high quality performance and smoothness of texture to finished goods. With varying sizes of refiners we are able to produce batches from half ton up to 8 tons with a total daily capacity in excess of 20 tons.